Sunday, February 22, 2009

Tips to Speed Up Your PC

  1. Turn off unneccessary windows services which run in the background and slow your PC. Certain applications also run updates and installers which slow down your PC.
  2. Use the disk cleaner utility under start->all programs->accessories->system tools to clean your PC of old and temperory internet files.
  3. Use the disk defragmentor under start->all programs->accessories->system tools to defrag the hard disk which will make more free space available and data access faster.
  4. Install a good antivirus software to protect your PC again spyware.
  5. Spend some money and upgrade your RAM to atleast 1 GB. More the better. This one thing improves the PC performance considerably.
  6. Clean up your registry once every month. The registry stores a lot of application data and a bloated registry means higher fetching times for the CPU thereby slowing it down.
  7. Don't keep too much stuff on your desktop like heavy files or large downloads.
  8. Use windows indexing service for indexing hard drive data for faster access.
  9. Spend some more money and get a good graphics card like NVidia GeForce 9400.
  10. Improve your boot speed by removing programs which are not required during startup. Do this by going to startup->all programs->startup.

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