Saturday, February 14, 2009

Essential Gadgets for Your Home Office

If you are planing to setup your home office or already have one at your home then adorn it with these essential gadgets which will take your comfot and productivity to higher levels.

Fax Machine
Automate your paper work with HP all-in-one copier, scanner and fax machine. HP Officejet 6310 give high quality 1200 dpi black and white prints and 4800X1200 dpi color prints quality. HP Officejet 6310 is compatible with both PC and MAC machines. With a printing and copying speed of 30 sheets per minute it will make your daily routine tasks very easy and fast. HP Officejet 6310 comes with a 1 year manufacturers warranty.

Portable Airconditioner
If you have a small home office within 500 sq ft of space, then there is no need to go for central airconditioning. You can opt for a portable airconditioner which will keep the interiors comfortable at considerable less cost. Alen has introduced a portable airconditioner with a cooling capacity of 10,000 BTU (1400 Watts). It comes with custom fittings for external air vent hose which you can fix through your window of door. This way it works like a split airconditioner.

Wireless Router
Linksys Wireless-G Broadband router is an amazing device. You can connect to both Wireless-G 802.11g at 54Mbps and Wireless-B 802.11b at 11Mbps networks. Also, you can connect to wired ethernet. You can connect upto 4 PC's or other switches to create a bigger network. This device reduces clutter and can connect to devices from a remote location which comes in very handy when you have a home office and want to avoid wires altogether.

Cordless Phone
Being connected with your clients and business associates is just as important as any other daily task. What best can serve the purpose but a phone with all the features like call waiting, caller ID, answering machine, EPABX etc. Check out Panasonic 6 Series which includes 3 handsets for different locations.

Desk Lamp
Improve the ambiance of your home office with this ergonomical desk lamp. A desk lamp helps cut energy costs and focuses light only where its required.

Coffee Machine
Start your day with a hot cup of coffee. Be it extended deadlines or sharing a cup with your associates, a coffee machine will help break the ice and make working together fun.

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  1. These gadgets are indeed useful in the office. I think our office will have some of these gadgets as well.