Sunday, February 8, 2009

Pioneer DEH P980BT Car Stereo Review

Pioneer DEH P980BT is loaded with features like playback of multiple file formats ( MP3, CD, WAV, WMA and iTunes AAC). Pioneer DEH P980BT is bluetooth ready and connect to any bluetooth compliant device including your cellphone. It has a full color OEL display and rotary commander from browsing files on the flick.

Probably the most amazing feature of Pioneer DEH P980BT car stereo is its bluetooth compatibility with even cellphones. Pioneer DEH P980BT car stereo lets you attend calls hands free without even touching your cellphone. You can talk into the microphone provided with the Pioneer DEH P980BT car stereo gear and listen through the car speakers.

Pioneer DEH P980BT car stereo supports multiple formats including the iTunes AAC format. Now you can rip files on your PC through iTunes and play them back using Pioneer DEH P980BT car stereo.

The display graphics are superb. Along with track numbers, Pioneer DEH P980BT car stereo also displays the album information for WMA/MP3 formats.

Pioneer DEH P980BT car stereo has Auto Equaliser which is enable by simply plugging in the microphone. It takes input from the microphone and automatically adjusts output signal through a 16 band equalizer. This give you the optimal sound for your interior conditions of your car.

Pioneer DEH P980BT car stereo has inbuilt iPod adaptor which you can control through your headset. Using the headset you can browse and select songs on your iPod for playback.

Not to mention, Pioneer DEH P980BT car stereo is satellite radio ready, comes with a 2 year warranty and priced at $570.

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  1. How do I stop the loud beep that sounds when I press a control???