Saturday, February 21, 2009

Lincoln Navigator

Lincoln Navigator was revealed at the Chicago Motor Show recently. This utility vehicle is characterised by very strong features in terms of both looks and ergonomics. The exterior of Lincoln Navigator is designed to be very bold with curves which accentuate its strong looks.

One look at its front grill will give you that big feeling. The hood is very wide which houses a 310 hp 5.4 litre SOHC V8 engine. The engine produces a torque of 365 lb-ft. Lincoln Navigator is one powerful vehicle. It can easily tow 9000 lb of load. It supports any combination of fuel, pure gasoline or a mixture or gasoline and ethanol like E85. Lincoln Navigator sports a 6 speed automatic transmission. The automatic gear shift is very smooth as the pitch between gears is pretty small. It is also equipped with a Roll Stability Control (RSC) which measures roll 100 times per second on each tyre and automatically adjusts engine power to that tyre.

Talking about features, Lincoln navigator sports Control Track 4X4 technology. This allows proper distribution of torque to wheels with best traction ensuring that the vehicle remains stable in the most adverse off-road conditionns. Two sizes of wheel options are available with the Lincoln Navigator. You can opt for the large size 20 inch aluminium alloy or the standard size 17 inch aluminium alloy.

The interiors of the Lincoln Navigator are just as impressive with chrome door handles, wood finish on steering wheel and side boards, well crafted leather upholstery, instrument dash board etc. Navigator uses a voice driven navigation system called SIRIUS. Using this navigation system you will never need to ask for directions. Just feed your start and end destination and SIRIUS will give you the best possible route depending on traffic situations. The navigation system also has a single CD player. The interiors are very quiet and comfortable with front and rear heated/cooled airconditioned seats. The Lincoln Navigator will be available for an estimated price of $55,000.

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