Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Things you should know before buying a Hybrid Car

Hybrid Cars are complex
The complexity is due to the dual nature of the Hybrid Car. A Hybrid Car runs both on a conventional gasoline engine and a electric motor which is powered by a Lithium-Ion battery pack. If the battery loses charge, the gasoline engine taked over automatically and runs the vehicles. Also, the battery is charged regeneratively while braking. So, there is no need to stop a Hybrid Car and charge it using a chord as the battery charges automatically while the car is running on gasoline. Naturally the Hybrid Car is complex because it houses two power transmissions and the associated quipment to control them. Not to mention the Lithium-Ion battery.

Hybrid Cars are efficient
Hybrid cars are about 10-20% more efficient than conventional gasoline driven cars. This is a direct saving in fuel costs. Also, a more efficient car leads to lower emissions. Customers buying Hybrid Cars in United States are given tax benefits also.

Hybrid Cars are Costly
The inherent cost is due to the complexity of the Hybrid Car and the associated technology. The Lithium-Ion battery pack in itself is a big chunk of the price. Although, future prices would go down due to research in producing more cost effective batteries with longer life and power to weight ratio.

In the long run
A Hybrid Car does not overcome the overall cost of operation in the long run. The savings in fuel cost are just not enough to offset the price of a Hybrid Car even after running it for 10 years. Since fuel efficiency of a car is directly related to its weight, a lighter car with a conventional gasoline engine would come out much cheaper compared to a Hybrid Car in the long run.

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  1. I always use aa rechargeable batteries to cut down on costs. Makes so much more sense that using normal batteries and throwing them away once they are all used up. Don't you think this is a better choice?