Saturday, February 21, 2009

Chevy Traverse Crossover SUV

Chevrolet has unveiled its latest crossover SUV called the Chevrolet Traverse. Don't be deluded by the crossover nature of Chevrolet Traverse this SUV packs a real punch. The interior space is huge which can easily seat a whole family of 8 people including the luggage. The luggage trunk size is itself 120 cu-ft. Thats more than enough to house 5 large size suitcases. The interiors are designed to be very ergonomic and comfortable.

Chevrolet Traverse comes loaded with features like ultrasonic parking assist and rear view camera. Combine this with a satellite navigation system along with a DVD player makes the Chevrolet Traverse appeal even more. Chevrolet Traverse is very ergonomically designed with a power lift gate. Chevrolet Traverse can be remotely started from a good range giving you the comfort of getting in and just driving. The front seats are heated/cooled with airconditioning ducts which keeps things very comfortable.

The exteriors of Chevrolet Traverse are also very bold. The front grill is massively designed with chrome finish borders. The rear view mirrors house turn indicators which gives a good appeal to the overall look. Chevrolet Traverse sports a power assisted panoramic sunroof. Tyre sizes range from standard 17 inch to the larger 20 inch all aluminium alloy radial tyres.

Chevrolet Traverse is powered by a 3.6 litre V6 engine which provides a peak power of 280 hp. The transmission is 6 speed automatic with each wheel having its independent power control. Chevrolet Traverse gives a highway fuel efficiency of 25 mpg. Vehicle stability is provided by a solid anti skid system and a traction control system. Chevrolet Traverse happens to be the best in class crossover SUV available today with a starting price of $28,000.

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