Wednesday, February 4, 2009

How to Improve Your Cars Fuel Efficiency

Tips to Improve Your Cars Fuel Efficiency
  1. Get your car regularly serviced. Servicing would include changing the engine oil which will keep the engine clean. It would also ensure that the carbeurator and the air filter are clean.
  2. Check your tyre pressure. Too much leads to a bumpy ride and loss of grip, too little and the tyre print is large on the road leading to more friction. Both will burn more fuel.
  3. Don't idle your car for long. Especially on red lights. Better to turn the engine off.
  4. Drive at a reasonable speed for longer duration.
  5. Don't accelerate or decelerate very fast.
  6. Avoid using the clutch too much. Use it only when changing gears.
  7. Avoid rough or patchy roads. Make a tour plan if possible.
  8. Avoid heavy traffic areas.
  9. Use best quality of fuel available in your area. Some additives help in boosting fuel efficiency.
  10. Avoid using the Air Conditioning when its not required.
  11. Avoid driving on low gears for long durations.

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