Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Related Content Widget for Your Blog

If you have a blog with lots of posts on various topics ranging from cooking, finance, laptops, cameras, cars etc. I am sure you must be using tags to categorize them under similar headings. For example by tagging all car related posts as "cars", your tagged pages list would show the number of articles under the tag "cars". This ofcourse means that everytime you write new or slightly different content you have to tag it properly so that it can be categorized.

What I am going to show you will entirely remove the need to tag your posts. This is the Related Content Widget by Searchles. What this widgets does is that it clubs all post which are similar in content. So, if you have 10 posts on laptops, Related Posts Widget will automatically club them based on their content. You can place this Related Content Widget anywhere on your blog for your visitors to see.

The benefit of Related Content Widget is that it tends to provide more useful information to your blog visitors and keeps them engaged longer raising your chances of earning advertisement revenue.

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  1. Hey High Fiver - thanks for the nice shout about the Searchles Related Content widget! Here's the link to the signup: http://www.searchles.com/misc/platform for your readers. Looks like the link in the post has an extra 'blogger' in front of it.