Friday, February 20, 2009

Blu-ray Versus DVD

Blu-ray is the latest in optical reading technology which is slated to replace DVD altogether. Blu-ray has several benefits over using the DVD. As it is Blu-ray was developed by a conglomerate of 180 electronics companies names which include Sony, Philips and Sharp. The name Blu-ray was coined because of the color of the laser which reads a Blu-ray disc.

The major advantage that a Blu-ray disc have over a DVD is the storage space. A Blu-ray disc can store upto 50GB of data compared to a DVD which stores about 8GB. This makes Blu-ray very attractive in storing high-definition video. With the advent of HDTV this puts Blu-ray disc in a very competitive spot.

A hard coated Blu-ray is virtually scratch free. A Blu-ray disc has the same size (120mm Diameter) as a DVD/CD. A Blu-ray drive is backward compatible which means that if you happen to upgrade to a Blu-ray device you will still be able to use your old DVD/CDs which would appear more crispt through the Blu-ray drive.

Blu-ray currently supports MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 video formats. It support Dolby DTS audio formats. There are several movies which are coming up in Blu-ray format. The list includes names like "Lord of the rings".

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