Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Resident Evil 5 Releasing in March

In Resident Evil 5 you are Chris Redfield and thrown into the harsh environment of Kijuju desert where you have to use your survival insticts to succeed. Faced by ever powerful enemies (Ghouls) with advanced AI and attack in teams. Resident Evil 5 gives you access to new and powerful weapons to fight your way through Kijuju. Inventory management is fast and smooth so that you can select weapons of choice fast. 

The graphics engine is amazing and you can perceive differences when you move from bright sunlight to dark places where your characters eyes have to adjust to the dim light. A new lighting effect algorithm and explosions adds realism to the extensive outdoor environment. 

Resident Evil 5 involves co-operative game play where you play as a team of two agents against the enemies. The game focuses on completing missions together and alone. All this makes it the most anticipated game of 2009.

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