Monday, March 9, 2009

Best Investment Options

Here is a list of time tested Best Investment Options:
  1. Exchange Traded Funds. Exchange Traded Funds or ETF are just like buying a stock or investing in mutual funds. 
  2. T-Bills. Treasury Bills or T-Bills are a very safe investment option as they are completely backed by the governement. There is very little risk of losing capital and the profit potential is fixed. T-bills are preferred because of there low risk factor and small time frame of maturity.
  3. Gold. Gold is the most happening physical asset. Gold is one asset which can be used to hedge against the risk of inflation and currency fluctuations as it does not loose its value overtime. This is because of popularity and abundance of gold circulating in the market. Check out How to Invest in Gold.
  4. Trade in Index Futures. Day trading in Index Futures can be very rewarding if done properly with proper skill and knowledge. Learn Futures Trading here.
  5. Mutual Funds. Investing in Mutual Funds is easy. It takes time to benefit from investing in Mutual Funds as they tend to grow slowly and sometimes not at all. It important to choose the Mutual Fund properly after doing good research. But they are safe in the sense that you buy and leave them and the fund manager takes care of everything else.
  6. Buy Property. Buy property if you have the capital. Its bound to appreciate and you can earn through rental also.
  7. Try Option Trading. There are several Option Trading Strategies which can be used very safely. The expected returns per month are in the range of 3-5% which amounts to 30-50% per year. Writing Covered Calls (selling options on stocks you own) is one good strategy. 

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