Saturday, March 14, 2009

Accounting as a Career

Accounting Career requires atleast a bachelor degree in commerce, accounting or a related field. An accountant works as both a financial advisor and auditor for a firm or a government institution. Accounting work involves auditing, maintaining accurate financial records, calculating payable taxes and ensuring they are paid on time etc. 

Certified Public Accountants (CPA) usually work independently and have a set of clients. They maintain records and help these clients during internal and external auditing. Working independently has many advantages. Usually CPAs are highly paid once they are established in the industry. After working for some years a CPA client list grows and provides continuous business. 

Many firms hire permanet accountants for maintaing its financial records. In this role accountants are given responsibility to analyze costs, prepare budgets and manage the firms assets properly. They may also be involved with the management team during strategic planning during business expansion or launch of a new product.

An accountant can also acquire a internal audit certification called Certified Internal Auditor (CIA). A Certified Internal Auditor usually works independently and called during internal or external audits by a firm. 

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