Monday, March 9, 2009

Free Software for Your Small Business

Instead of paying for softwares, here are free software options which will provide all the services that payed software do.

Free Web Hosting
Microsoft has launched its beta version of Microsoft Live which is a office management solution along with a free domain name and web hosting feature. Microsoft Live interface is well designed and intuitive. It lets you build professional looking websites using its tools and link features like web domains and email IDs to the website. Microsoft Live also offers $50 worth of free advertising on Microsoft Network to promote your website.

Free Document Management. 
Forget about purchasing Microsoft Office Suite. Go for Open Office instead which offers all the features of Microsoft Office at no cost. It supports all the standard file formats like doc, ppt, excel etc and provides the same features that Microsoft Office does.

Free Email Software.
Use Google Apps for hosting your email server at no cost. Google provides 2GB of storage space per email ID. There is no need to install and maintain a costly email server. Google Apps can also be used to to share online documents like spreadsheets and synchronize task schedules. This is a very powerful feature for updating all employees in a group. 

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