Saturday, March 14, 2009

Open a Quiznos Franchise

Quiznos is catching up as a good franchise option nowdays. They are well known for their amazing subs. They may not be as big as Subway and Mac Donalds who have huge marketing budgets but, Quiznos boast $90  million annual marketing budget and are growing. Quiznos franchise is also new and has lot of top side potential. The room for growth is immense. 

In 2007 Quiznos was rated as the best fast food chain by Zagat consumer review. They got top scores on overall service, facilities and food. This is very compelling reason to partner with Quiznos Franchise. 

Quiznos chefs have prepared the best menus using amazing flavors and quality ingredients. So as a Quiznos Franchise it wouldn't be a problem to offer a large variety of fast food dishes. The Subway market is tanking up and now people are clamering for Quiznos. There are 4 Subway outlets for each Quiznos. The math is simple and sticking with Quiznos Franchise will mean more customers because of growing demand and more sales. 

Sticking with the Quiznos brand name will really give you a taste of success.

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