Saturday, May 2, 2009

Danny Gans Vegas Impersonator Immitator Dies at 52

Danny Gans accomplished celebrity entertainer with a gift for impersonating famous personalities died at his home in Las Vegas, Nevada. Danny is survived by his wife, 2 daughters and his son. 
The cause of death is unknown. 

Danny Gans had recently signed to perform at Steve Wynn's Encore Theatre. Wynn has expressed deep sorrow and regret at the loss of a talented artist Danny Gans. Danny's current assignment was immitation of presiden Obama which he considered to be a tough act. 

Danny who was featured in Larry King's Live TV show started his Vegas career in 1996 when he signed a deal to perform 200 shows a year at the stratosphere hotel. He later moved on to perform in his own theatre for a nine year contract period which earned him $200 Million.

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