Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Water Plants for your Personal Pond

There are many species of water plants which you can grow in your backyard pond or water garden. Many of these, like Water Lillies are flowering and provide color and variety to the pond. There are many species of water plants which are divided into 6 or 7 categories.

Floating Plants
These plants usually may or may not root at the bottom of the pond and their leaves float on the pond surface. Water Hyacinth is a good example of this type. Water Hyacinth also helps in keeping the pond clean of any algae.

Submerged Plants
These are species which survive entirely submerged under the water surface. They may root or may float rootless under the water.

Bog Plants
As the name suggests, they give a Bog like appearance to your pond and are usually grown on the periphery of the pond. Water Papyrus and Sweet Water Grass fall under this category. Bog plants grow densely and give a rough and rustic look to the pond.

Flowering Plants
These include Water Lily, Iris, Globe Flower, Marsh Marygold. Some of these flower during the night while others blossom during the day.

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