Saturday, January 31, 2009

Bring Sean Home

Bring Sean Home is a site created by David Goldman who is fighting to get his son back to United States from Brazil. The boy, Sean Goldman was reportedly taken to Brazil by his mother Bruna who masterminded a plot to never return to United States back to David Goldman.

David Goldman has been fighting a hard battle against some very powerful and influential people in Brazil for the custody of his son. Although, Bruna has now passed away, David still has not been able to get his son's custody. David meanwhile has ventured on all legal routes possible without any result. Sean is currently in custody of his step father João Paulo Lins e Silva.


  1. David, I saw your story on Dateline last night and it just broke my heart. Please know that you and your son remain in my thoughts and prayers, and I wish you all the best in your efforts to bring him home!


  2. David,
    I saw your story on Dateline. I am angry that they will not give your son back to you. What kind of people are they? Such cruelty in this world and where are our rights? For a mother to do this is sick. But then to have the parents help that is even worse. I am so sure that when he is old enough to make some decisions on his own he will be back in the arms where he belongs. You so deserve this. What a wonderful father to keep up the fight and not give up. He is yours and noone can take that God given right from you. I think of you and your sadness and how you must feel. I have 3 boys and I am divorced and they have always been able to keep contact with their father and he is out of state. Continue to have hope, continue to love him and he will be home soon, I pray this for you! Keep us all posted on your results. There is a big world out there and alot of people waiting for him to be in your loving arms! Know that others are hoping and praying with you.